HDR Brachytherapy in Siliguri

HDR Brachytherapy in SiliguriAs opposed to external radiation such as with Linear Accelerator, Brachytherapy treats cancer using precisely placed radioactive sources within and around the tumors. The High Dose Rate brachytherapy machine at MEDICA Cancer Hospital is useful for Cervical, Bronchial, Esophageal, Breast and Head/Neck Cancers. For large tumors both Brachytherapy& External Beam Therapy is given to achieve better cure rate and control.

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  • Mr. Brajendra Jha

    Dr. Prabhat Kumar is the best Cardiologist and this hospital provides the best cardiac care facilities in Bihar and Jharkhand.

  • Mr. Divyanshu Manan

    Probably the best heart hospital in Bihar, under the leadership of Dr Prabhat, who is one of the best Cardiologists in Bihar and Jharkhand. Excellent treatment and affordable service.

  • Md. Aarif

    One of the best and affordable heart hospital. Good staff behaviour and best CCU care. Dr Prabhat Kumar is one of the top Cardiologist in Patna. My father’s angioplasty was done here.

  • Mr. Naiyar Azam

    Medica Heart Institute is one of the best Cardiac Hospital in Bihar. I am very happy with the services here. Staff is also very supportive.